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  【句型19】These days, it is differences in national regulations, far more than tariffs, that put sand in the wheels of trade between rich countries. (Lesson 8)


  【讲解】此句为强调句,被强调的部分是differences in national regulations, far more than tariffs。《流利英语》中的强调句还有:

  【原文】If there is one—which I take leave to doubt—then it is older people who create it, not the young themselves.(Lesson 5)


  【原文】It is not just farmers who are complaining.(Lesson 8)


  【原文】If this facilitates forgery, it is the bank which will lose, not the customer.(Lesson 12)


  【原文】It is fairly clear that sleeping period must have some function, and because there is so much of it the function would seem to be important. (Lesson 19)


  【原文】Ifit is not a question of resting the body, then perhaps it is the brain that needs resting?(Lesson 19)


  【原文】The implications of all this were that it was not the disturbance of sleep that mattered, but the disturbance of dreaming.(Lesson 19)


  【原文】It was Hart who created the basic formula of the Western film, and devised the protagonist he played in every film he made, the good-bad man, the accidental-noble outlaw, or the honest-but- framed cowboy, or the sheriff made suspect by vicious gossip; in short, the individual in conflict with himself and his frontier environment.(Lesson 21)


  【原文】It is animals and plants which lived in or near water whose remains are most likely to be preserved, for one of the necessary conditions of preservation is quick burial, and it is only in the seas and rivers, and sometimes lakes, where mud and sit have been continuously deposited, that bodies and the like can be rapidly covered over and preserved.

  【译文】只有生活在水中或水边的动植物的尸体才最有可能会保存下来,因为保存的必要条件之一是迅速掩埋,而且只有在泥沙不停淤积的海洋和江河里,有时在湖泊里,尸体和类似尸体之物才能被迅速地被埋没并保存起来。(Lesson 26)

  【原文】After all, all living creatures live by feeding on something else, whether it be plant or animal, dead or alive, and it is only by chance that such a fate is avoided.(Lesson 26)


  【原文】When you think of the innumerable birds that one sees flying about, not to mention the equally numerous small animals like field mice and voles which you do not see, it is very rarely that one comes across a dead body, except, of course, on the roads.(Lesson 26)


  【原文】It is almost always due to some very special circumstances that traces of land animals survive, as by falling into inaccessible caves, or into an ice crevasse, like the Siberian mammoths, when the whole animal is sometimes preserved, as in a refrigerator.(Lesson 26)


  【原文】Nor is it only the ignorant and ill-educated person who was such faith in the bottle of medicine.(Lesson 28)


  【原文】But, in contrast, it is only in modern times that Galileo has become a problem child for historians of science.

  【译文】但形成对照的是,对于科学史家来说,伽利略只是在现代才变成了一个新的难题。(Lesson 32)

  【原文】It is the ideal condition of the 'equal start' which only our most progressive forms of modern education try to regain.(Lesson 33)


  【原文】It is the one world in the Solar System that is most like the Earth.

  【译文】火星是太阳系里与地球最接近的一颗行星。(Lesson 35)

  【原文】It was upon this principle that the first instruments were made, but the paper was wrapped round a drum which rotated slowly.(Lesson 42)


  【原文】It was from the study of these that so much was learnt about the interior of the earth.(Lesson 42)


  【原文】It is only in the study of man himself that the major social sciences have substituted the study of one local variation, that of Western civilization. (Lesson 44)


  【原文】It is only someone looking on from outside that can inject the dangerous thoughts.(Lesson 44)



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